Brand of the month, Finland: Sun Lolly

Sun Lolly is the leading home freeze ice in the Nordics and has been produced in Denmark since 1979.

Sun Lolly is known and loved for the unique, triangular and fun home freeze ice, which comes in a variety of delicious flavors. Hereby Sun Lolly refreshes and brings smiles to the faces of children. 

Sun Lolly is made with real fruit juice (10%), except Creamy and Cola, and does not contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The high-quality products have soft texture and intense fruit taste, yet reasonable portion size and low in calories – the perfect everyday treat. It is convenient to buy, transport and store. The box has an affordable prize and Sun Lolly is widely available in stores. The squeezable packaging is practical and easy to serve with no dripping. The core target group is families with children age 3-12 years old. The visual identity is colorful and fun, and the brand activities focus on category and product communication and colors.

Today Sun Lolly can also be had as Sun Lolly Creamy which is a delicious home freeze alternative to traditional ”ice cream”. Sun Lolly Creamy is all about delicious joyful indulgence in every bite. With a smooth and creamy consistency, it is a wonderful alternative to already frozen milk-based ice cream.

In Finland Sun Lolly was launched 2017, and it has taken market leadership after only one year!

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